Thank you for understanding that while our process has not changed, processing time will be slower than usual due to a dramatic decrease in the number of staff making,packing, and shipping orders.  Most orders are arriving to your home in 5-10 business days, but it may take 6-7 business days to receive  your ship confirmation email.  We have noticed a slower arrival time between USPS pick-up from our  warehouse and the time a package actually arrives and is scanned at USPS. We have no control over how long it takes USPS to update shipping status, and are unable to assist in locating a package once it leaves our warehouse.


Email volume is also higher than usual, therefore, please allow up 48 hours for a reply.

Q: Where is Swabuu made?


A: Swabuu is made in Atlanta, USA. 


Q: Do you make products for men?


A: Unfortunately, we do not, as of today. This is because we are a still a relatively new and small business. We are constantly evolving, growing and expanding. Maybe in the future we will have dedicated men’s products. However, most men LOVE- “I’m in Love with the Cocoa” body butter, and “Smooth Operator” body scrub. So if you want to get something for you man, try that, it’s a big hit! Fellas’ all men should smell like cocoa (we’re just saying *wink emoji)


Q: Does Swabuu test on animals?


A: Nope! We would never. And- that’s illegal.


Q: Does Swabuu use natural, organic ingredients?


A: Absolutely! Alicia V, the creator of Swabuu has very sensitive and dry skin herself. She has formulated all the products that were 1st used on HERSELF, to ensure quality and safety. We source the best natural ingredients to make these amazing products. All of our body butters are vegan and gluten free. Our body scrubs are made with organic extracts and oils as well. Check the ingredient lists on each product page to make sure it’s right for you.


Q: Can I use the products while pregnant?


A: Moms-to-be LOVE our products on their ever stretching and growing skin. We haven’t had any one experience adverse effects from our products. If you’re unsure how your body might respond we recommend consulting your doctor.


Q: I have a nut allergy. Can I use Swabuu?


A: Right now, all of our body butters are formulated with Coconut Oil. Our body scrubs, however are NOT. If you have concerns, check the ingredient lists.


Q: How can I contact Swabuu?


A: Got a question? Just wanna parlay? Shoot us an email to  we’d love to hear from you!


Q: My jar looks “half full” what’s up with that?


A: This is one of our most asked question. Our jars hold 6.5 ounces of body butter. Each and every jar is weighed as it is poured. We assure you that every jar is true to its weight. In transit the box sometimes is not treated with love and the jars move around in the box. When you open the jar, the butter might have shifted to one side or piled up on the top. The weight is still 6.5.